Sami Saz Pharmaceutical Company, by relying on principle of customer focused and motto of “quality is the key of Durability” strives to be the first and leader in the quality of its products among other pharmaceutical companies.

Our purpose is to meet the needs of the customer and at the same time adhere to the national laws set by the Food and Drug Administration.

In order to achieve the principle of customer focused completely, this company has Select the following items as the main focus of his activity:
1- Increase the production and development of domestic and foreign market share
2- Increase the Knowledge of personnel
3- Increase the variety of products

We strive to improve our quality system continually. The occurrence of any quality problem in the product will be identified quickly and will be solved in the best way.

Proper preventive operation give us the assurance that quality in our organization is always in progress.

The director and employees of this company have committed themselves to review the Efficiency of quality management system and quality goals alternatively, in order to establishing a strong competitive position in the domestic and foreign markets and to ensure the usefulness and effectiveness.