Research and Development

R&D at Samisaz Pharmaceutical Company, as one of the most important department of the company, plays a role in designing and developing the formulation of new medicine with high quality. Using the knowledge and efforts of experienced specialists and updated resources and devices in this department such as tablet Coating ( semi-industrial ), Single Punch tablet Press, granulator (FBP) and other devices in this department try to formulate new drugs in Iran, to help patients in their disease and the problems caused by provide foreign medicines and their excessive costs. Another goal of this department is improving quality of the company’s current products and solving the problems during production to make it useful for the patient and also make it competitive with the products of reputable brands in the world.


Research and Development Activities:

– Review of new pharmaceutical findings in developed countries and Suggestion to the Food and Drug Administration to introduce new drugs into the Iran Pharmaceutical Pharmacopoeia

– Evaluation the analysis methods for raw material and product or design the analysis method if need be

– Study for pre-formulation and new formulation

– Preparing Common Technical Document (CTD) and submitting it to the Ministry of Health to get substantive agreement and certificate

– Validation of quality control tests and analysis of products and product stability tests

– Formulation of new products

– Modifying the company’s current product formulation to improve product quality

– Development of quality control methods for new products

– Dissolving problem in manufacturing lines