The manufacturing department of Samisaz Pharmaceutical Company consists of two lines based on the principles of GMP (optimal principles of drug manufacturing). The drug manufacturing process in these lines is performed according to the pre-determined instructions by the quality assurance department and all steps are monitored by the quality control department and quality assurance department . The production department also has instructions for changing personnel coverage when entering clean rooms, manufacturing rooms and production rooms of solid products in order to maintain the safety of individuals and also to maintain the quality of the product. Samisaz Pharmaceutical Company produces high quality and reliable products that play a significant role in promoting public health and increasing the quality of life of patients in the country. Samisaz Pharmaceutical Company has the most advanced, well-equipped and up-to-date production machines, including 2 granulators, 4 presses, 2 veneers, 4 bleaching machines and a filling capsule machine. Has been.

Samisaz Pharmaceutical Company has tablet and capsule production lines, and the capsule production line includes simple capsules containing pellets.

At present, our company produces and manufactures a variety of vital products in important areas of treatment. Such as cardiovascular drugs, painkillers, digestive drugs, neuroleptics, anti-diabetics, anti-allergy, antibiotics and vitamins.

At Samisaz, we are also developing our activities to produce important and rare drugs for our country’s patients.