Samisaz Company was incorporated and registered in 1995 as an entity producing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

(this company put the establishment of its factory into operation in a plot of land measuring 2000 m2 in1999 and offered its first product to the market in 2000 by presenting samilax (herbal tablet

This company, enjoying the diligence and high cooperation sense of its directors and personnel decided to hire a part of its capabilities for producing chemical medicines toward job creatin and the reduction of the countrys dependence. This ideal was realized in 2004 after obtaining the permit for producing the first chemical product named Gilbenclamide

Enjoying its scientific abilities and equipment and under clos cooperation with well experienced university professors, samisaz Pharmaceutical Company formed DMF and formulation of various products in cardiac, neurological, antihistaminic, digestive, antidiabetic, narcotic and nonnarcotic anagesic groups using the best raw materials imported from the countries such as ltaly, France, Netherlands and india. Samisaz succeeded in increasing its products to more than 22 types and it will reach up to 50 types by the end of 2010.

Samisaz Pharmaceutical Company developed its factory by starting up capsule and soft gel production lines and it has planned to extend its activities to Biotech products in close future.