Sami Saz Pharmaceutical Company
By guaranteeing the quality of our products, we strive to improve the quality of life for patients. The use of high quality pharmaceutical services is the absolute right of all patients. We hope that our continued efforts will produce good results.


Samisaz Pharmaceutical Company as a human drug manufacturer has been able to play a significant role in order to meet the countrys pharmaceutical needs after the 20 years of activity. This company was registered in 1995 and started operating in 1999 on a land area of 2000 square meters.

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Following our continuous efforts to improve the quality of life, we are interested in doing more for people to feel better and live longer and build healthier communities. We are trying to become a leading company in the domestic and global market by producing affordable drugs which complies with international standards

Metforsam Extended Release

Metforsam ER is a brand name of Metformin Extended release, which is manufactured by Samisaz Pharmaceutical Company in dosage 500 and 1000 . Metformin is oral blood glucose lowering medicine, which is the first choice for controlling diabetes ( type 2) because it is effective and affordable, and it does not cause a complication such as hypoglycemia. The advantage of extended release metformin compared to the immediate release form: 1- Creating a constant concentration for a few hours, which can be a good choice for people who take immediate release metformin, several times a day. 2- Reduction of gastrointestinal complications

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